Thursday, 11 March 2010

DRI2 driver for Mesa EGL

Couple of weeks ago there was an announcement that Wayland would be moving to Mesa EGL and drop its dependencies to its own Wayland specific Eagle EGL stack. The Eagle is a non-conformant EGL loader for the DRI drivers originally develped by Kristian Høgsberg as an "side product" of his DRI2 work. Eagle as an lightweight and with its way of integrating EGL directly to KMS/DRM, was the solution for Wayland - this at least until recently.

Major reason to allow Wayland to jump to Mesa EGL is Kristian's work for the work behind the DRI2 driver for EGL and to get the Eagle EGL parts as officially to Mesa. This work - EGL on DRI2 is firstly aiming to implement this support through X, but the longer term goal seems to be that the implementation would be standalone - working directly with KMS/DRM and making it suitable for Wayland purposes.

Current plan is that the DRI2 parts for the Mesa EGL would be integrated to the upcoming Mesa 7.8 - planned to be release during this month. This is good news especially for Wayland. Along the Mesa integration the Wayland enablers are now even more mainlined. This move will most definitely make Wayland it self more attractive to outside world.